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Is it rude…?

First off, I want to wish a happy Halloween. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday, especially for those going trick or treating at some point today.

Now, to the topic at hand. Do you consider reading to be rude rather than interacting with other people around you? Why or why not?

In this day in age, I see people buried in their cell phone all day. So, my question is how can someone accuse a person of being rude to read a book instead of interacting with the people around them when other people bury themselves in their phones? I’ve always been kind of on the shy side so it was always hard for me to interact with others. That may have been something that helped draw me to reading. So, I don’t consider it rude when someone reads instead of interacting with other people….some people are just introverts.

4 thoughts on “Is it rude…?

  1. I guess it depends slightly on what is happening around you. For example, if you are going to a party or are at a social event, then it would definitely be a bit rude to just take out a book and start reading. However, if you’re just out and about or travelling on some public transport, there is nothing wrong with reading a book. It would actually be a better way to spend your time than just looking at a phone screen the whole journey

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    1. If I’m going to a social event, then usually I won’t take a book with me. There’s no distraction if I don’t have a book in my hands in the first place. I can’t exactly read on the way to work since I’m the one who usually drives, plus, my commute is about 5 minutes or less (which wouldn’t give me more than a couple of pages at most). But you do make a good point.


  2. I’d think that if you are in a situation where the expectation was set that you are supposed to try to be social then I’d think it rude. Otherwise, I don’t find it rude if someone is reading. In fact, I’d be happy for them that they have managed to get the heck off their phone…

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    1. I kind of agree with you there. Especially with people actually getting off their phones. I see people wondering around looking at their phones all the time. At least reading is something you can talk about with other people.


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