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Movie or tv show based on literature…

How often do you watch a movie or tv show that is based on some form of literature? If you don’t watch them, then may I ask why? Which do you prefer….a movie or a tv show based on your favorite books?

To me, it depends on the book. I thought the Harry Potter series did well being made into movies. A long series like that (7 books total) would have been more difficult to make as a tv show. It would have dragged on for years, a lot longer than it took to make the movies. However, they took one of my favorite books from Joe Hill (it was a stand alone book) and made it into a tv show earlier this year. I watched it and I thought they did a good job with it. They can continue it and make a second season out of it (it definitely wasn’t finished by the end of the first season). I would watched it if they continued it.

What about you? Do you prefer to see your favorite books turned into a movie or a tv show? Which would you rather see? Why do you prefer that over the other?

2 thoughts on “Movie or tv show based on literature…

  1. I love seeing books turned into movies/series/tv shows. The problem I have with them is sometimes I picture a character to look or behave differently. Then there is the issue of leaving out crucial parts of the storyline that I felt ruined the plot or made the viewer confused because a vital connection was now missing.

    In preferences I think I prefer the longer books to be a series instead of splitting movies into parts. Maybe because it takes too long for the next movie to come out?

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    1. I think there is a lot that I agree with you there. There are times my hubby has watched a movie with me and he usually has to ask me questions because he hasn’t read the book and I have. I can tell how much they leave out by the amount of questions my hubby is usually asking me.


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