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Another childhood favorite….

This was another one of my favorites as a kid. I want to say that I read this somewhere around 2nd or 3rd grade. It’s possible I read this more than once so I could have read this in both 2nd/3rd grade. I don’t remember if I’ve read the any of the other Ramona Quimby books or not. I just remember reading this one and actually having my own copy of it.

Synopsis: Ramona likes that she’s old enough to be counted on, but must everything depend on her? Mrs. Quimby has gone back to work so that Mr. Quimby can return to school, and Ramona is expected to be good for Mrs. Kemp while her parents are away, to be brave enough to ride the school bus by herself, and to put up with being teased by Danny the Yard Ape. In Ramona’s world, being eight isn’t easy, but it’s never dull! 

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