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Jumanji: Next Level

I got to see this movie over the weekend. I was looking forward to this one after seeing “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”. This was a good movie and I would recommend this to anyone who watched the other back in 2017. There were some funny moments as well as plenty of action. Plus, all the original actors and actress’ are back in this one with a few extra characters added to the mix. I’ll probably be getting this on dvd or blu-ray when it comes out, which reminds me…I don’t think I got the first one yet either.

2 thoughts on “Jumanji: Next Level

  1. I kind of felt like the “Jumanji: Next Level” was more or less had the dragged comedy. I mean a lot of connections from one movie to another it was kind of forced adventure. They need something new I guess not something dragged. They changed adventure into forced comedy.

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    1. This adventure was a little different because Spencer’s grandpa Eddie and Eddie’s former friend Milo Walker end up in the game along with the previous characters from the first movie. I thought they were both brought a different aspect to this movie that still made the movie interesting.


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