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Are you quarantined due to COVID-19?

I know there are some people that are probably stuck inside and can’t get out due to the Coronavirus going around. I haven’t gotten to that point yet where I live but I have a feeling that may come one day soon. Even though the Coronavirus was already in my state, they just announced over this past weekend that someone in my actual town tested positive for the Coronavirus. Yikes! Being that I work with the public, I wonder how long it’ll be now before everything gets shut down here? A lot of the restaurants were already “pick up only” or “curb side only”, at least for the ones that are still open. Plus, kids were already out of school for 2 weeks……and all this was before the confirmed case. I just have to see if the place where I work is considered essential or not (if it is considered essential, then we’ll have to stay open). We may just end up going “curb side only” like some of the restaurants.

Anyway, I have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied if I were to get quarantined. If anyone wants to, you can join me in reading. I’ll even take suggestions if anyone wants to throw some my way. I’ve also got some movies to watch (a lot of them are based on some of the literature I’ve read) so I can pull out some of them if I want to take a break from reading.

What do you have planned to do, if in the event you get quarantined? What are you doing to get by if you are already quarantined? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Are you quarantined due to COVID-19?

  1. I was quarantined in Asia for a few weeks, now i’m in isolation in Europe 😦

    I’m actually starting to go a little stir-crazy at this point. I have been playing games and reading books mostly, as I’m just not interested in TV at the moment and I’m quite sick of the news!

    I’m going to give this site a good scan through now and find my next reading material.

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    1. I haven’t been forced to be quarantined where I live (not yet anyways). My job is considered “essential” so I haven’t been laid off at work. If you’ll let me know of some of the stuff you like to read, maybe I can suggest a few things for you. I take suggestions also if you have anything you want to share with me.


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