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There’s a drink called “Dang! That’s Good Butterscotch Rootbeer” that tastes like the butterbeer that you can get at the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios. So you can get your butterbeer fix without having to travel. It comes in a glass bottle which is a little different from drinking out of a plastic bottle or can like you normally get in today’s soda. I happen to have a couple of these in my fridge and I’ll drink one once in a while when I feel in the mood to have a butterbeer.

Normally, I would tell you that you could pick one up at a store that sells old fashioned candy and/or soda in a glass bottle, however, that may be a little difficult right now during this pandemic going on. Maybe when it’s all over we can all toast and have a butterbeer….

2 thoughts on “Butterbeer

    1. Awesome! I currently have 3 of these sitting in my fridge right now as we speak. The place I work at sells some of the old fashioned soda’s and this is one of the one’s they carry. So I always buy a few whenever I run out.


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