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Added to the collection!

I purchased 2 new books today. I was able to go to the book store today, however, they only allowed 10 people in the store at a time due to the whole Covid-19 (which is understandable). I have been waiting to get my hands on the second book because it is a sequel to another book I already have in my collection. But I wanted to wait to get the paperback though because they are usually cheaper. The first book is a new one on me because I was not aware it existed till today but I have read another book by this author.

4 thoughts on “Added to the collection!

  1. So how is the fall of the crazy house? Is it something on the line of “haunted house gone wrong” or it has something different story. If it’s good I’d add it to my collection as well.

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  2. Two of my latest additions are:

    1. When breath becomes air – A book by Dr Paul Kalanithi and his wife. Its a real life incident. It revolves around Dr Paul being a celebrated neurosurgeon operating on brain tumours and how he changes after learning that he himself is a patient affected with brain tumour. Its an amazing book.

    The other one was ‘An Era of Darkness’ by Shashi Tharoor MP, a compelling explanation about the colonial excesses of Bristish people in India during 1850s to 1940s.

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