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Book News!

Michelle Paver, author of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, has just announced that she finished a book called “Skin Taker” (minus editing, pics, cover, etc.). This book is suppose to be the sequel to “Viper’s Daughter”, which just came out last month. I already have “Viper’s Daughter” on my Kindle Fire so I guess I need to get reading on that one before the next books comes out.

Maggie Stiefvater, author of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and the Raven Cycle, has announced that the next book in the Dreamer trilogy will come out next May. I haven’t read the first book yet, “Call Down the Hawk”. I have the Raven Cycle on my Kindle Fire and haven’t finished it yet.

Are there any other books out there that you are looking forward to? If so, what is it and who wrote it? Is it part of a series?

2 thoughts on “Book News!

  1. Every time I finish reading a new Dan Brown novel, I race to search for his next upcoming novel.

    I hear that in September 2020, Dan is going to release his book called Wild Symphony. Unlike his other books which focus on myths, symbols, history and crime, this one is like a comedy book.

    Whatever it is, I am waiting.

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    1. I’m glad you’ve found an author that you enjoy so much. I’ve heard of Dan Brown but I’ve never gotten around to reading any of his books yet. I have so many books on my list right now, it’s hard to add any more to the list. Maybe one day I’ll get around to reading one of his books.


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