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“The Saturday Night Ghost Club” by Craig Davidson

I finished another book recently and I just wanted to share. I don’t want to spill too much because I won’t want to spoil anything for those of you who plan on reading this at some point in the future. This book was described as a heartwarming coming-of-age story but I also found it a little spooky. You’ll understand what I mean about spooky when you get towards the end and they reveal an important part of the story. But I thought it was a good book and it’s kind of a quick read.

Synopsis: Growing up in 1980s Niagara Falls – a seedy but magical, slightly haunted place – Jake Baker spends most of his time with his uncle Calvin, a kind but eccentric enthusiast of occult artifacts and conspiracy theories. The summer Jake turns twelve, he befriends a pair of siblings new to town, and so Calvin decides to initiate them all into the “Saturday Night Ghost Club.” But as the summer goes on, what begins as a seemingly light-hearted project may ultimately uncover more than any of its members had imagined. With the alternating warmth and sadness of the best coming-of-age stories, The Saturday Night Ghost Club is a note-perfect novel that poignantly examines the haunting mutability of memory and storytelling, as well as the experiences that form the people we become, and establishes Craig Davidson as a remarkable literary talent.

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