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Main stream versus not so main stream…

The type of literature you read, do you tend to read stuff that is popular with the crowd or with experts? Do you tend to read stuff that is a little less main stream? Why do you go with that over the other?

I’m a little of both. Some of the stuff I read can be considered main stream or well known (for example, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, the Chronicles of Narnia series, the Inheritance Cycle, etc.). However, I’ve also read some stuff that’s not as well known or as highly publicized. I also like to read books from local authors in my area because I believe in supporting local authors as much as I can.

I choose the books I read because they are books that seem interesting to me, not whether or not they’re popular. If the synopsis sounds interesting enough when I read it (does it capture my attention?) then it’ll come home with me….plain and simple. Yes, I do like to support local authors. But their works are something I’ve come to enjoy as well. I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading their books.

7 thoughts on “Main stream versus not so main stream…

  1. I do go with my mood. Not with the trend. I love to read those which could raise my excitement and the longing to know what it is in the next chapters.

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    1. That sounds a lot like me. When I pick a book, I tend to go with what I’m feeling at the moment, not whether it’s main stream or not. I also love a book that is really hard to put down. The harder it is to put down, the better.

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  2. I think too much mainstream content leads to polarized opinion. And so I try to see the variety from around the world. I don’t mind local in fact if the local content gives the variety, we won’t be needing the others. But honestly less mainstream I prefer.

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  3. I actually share your opinion on it. I am not bothered about the popularity but only how catchy the thread of the story appears to me.

    Infact, these days, I think that my fiction days are over and I have moved over to the more hard genres like history, myths, alternate history and all those.

    Guess its a sign of ageing.

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    1. If that’s what you enjoy reading, more power to you. Regardless of what genres you read, I hope you are able to keep up with your reading. I’d be interested to see what you end up reading this year.


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