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Tsundoku is a Japanese word that means you have a bunch of books piled up somewhere and then you don’t read them. Do you have a bunch of unread literature at your house? Do you plan on reading them at some point? Why or why not?

Apparently the term tsundoku also refers to books stacked on a bookshelf that you plan on reading later. So I guess it applies to me anyway because I have books on my bookshelves that I haven’t read yet but I do plan on reading at some point. I add books to my shelves before I’ve finished reading the ones I’ve already got. What can I saw…..I like to read. At least you’ll never hear my neighbors complain about my books being too loud.

2 thoughts on “Tsundoku

  1. I used to, but I had to declutter and I gave most of my books to charity and picked up a Kindle. I kept some books and I have an affinity for them, but most got given away. I like to think they are giving joy to other people now as they gave to me.

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