I’ve seen on the news that there’s talks of shutting everything down for 4-6 weeks in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 even further than it already has. So, the question is how do you think a lock down would affect literature? Do you think a lock down would put more pressure on authors to push out more literature by their publishing companies so that people would have something to do during a lock down?

From a reader stand point, you might have trouble finding new literature to read to keep you busy during that 4-6 weeks. You may not be allowed to go to the library or your favorite book store during that time. Not me….I’m sure I have enough to read to keep me busy for that long should I be required to stay home. If I didn’t, then I might make a trip to the bookstore just before the lock down were to occur. Otherwise, the only option I can see at this particular time is seeing if the library has the option of borrowing books virtually on your tablet or e-reader. I’ve heard that some libraries have that option but I’m not sure how that works because I’ve not tried it yet. Like I mentioned before, I’ve got enough to read (both physical copies and e-books on my Kindle) to keep me busy for 4-6 weeks.

From a writer stand point, that’s a little different. If you are a writer that works from home, what would you do if your family were suddenly stuck at home with you for 4-6 weeks? How much work do you think you would get done? At my house, it’s just myself and my spouse (and our dog). I could ask my hubby to give me some time to myself to allow me to work and I feel like he would respect that. Yes, the lock down would give us more time to spend together, however, there would have to be some time that I would need to be left alone if I was to get any work done. I honestly don’t know how it would work out if we had children.