I finished reading this today. The book follows Cayden Wayne, the main character of the book, as he is given a new job. In this new role, he gets a chance to interact with some non-human beings and then complications soon follow. In the midst of all that, Cayden is also left with trying to figure out which girl would be the best to settle down with. I don’t want to reveal too much of the book in case you are reading it or you plan on reading this at some point. I think fans of Star Trek would like this book.

Synopsis: In the year 2125, a mission to not only explore the universe but to colonize other planets has been sent out. A group of mating pairs in cryostats as well as a small team to pilot the ship are also sent out. The group in cryostats is awakened to find that the pilots are missing, and there are no records saved since leaving Earth. Now three generations into the new colony, Cayden Wayne has emerged as one of the top crewmen and has to deal not only with the Biotas, the native inhabitants on the planet, but the Kamolians as well, a warrior race with universal domination as their only goal.

The first in a series of books that will follow Cayden and his team of friends as they explore the universe as well as try to figure out what happened during the missing time after leaving Earth.