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Favorite book store….

There is a book store in my town that I regularly shop at when I’m looking for new books. It’s a large chain store, you’ve probably heard of them…..they’re known as Books-a-Million. I have a few reasons why I like this store so much.

Savings: They have a membership that you can get that will give you at least 10% off your purchase, plus, you’ll get free shipping if you ever order online. A friend got me a membership for my birthday one year and he renews it every year when my birthday rolls around again.

Finding it!: The store is always clean and orderly. I can always find what I’m looking for in there. Even if they don’t have what I’m looking for, I can always find what I’m looking for on their website and then choose to have it shipped to the store here in town or shipped to my house.

Fun: Going in there is always fun. I can spend hours in there browsing their shelves. Even if you don’t find anything in there to purchase or can’t afford to buy anything at the moment, you can always just snoop and see what’s hot right now. Or maybe the employees might be able to recommend something to you so it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

What about you… you have a favorite book store near you? If so, why do you like shopping there?

4 thoughts on “Favorite book store….

  1. Well, I love using our local library, as it’s free to borrow as long as the book is returned on time. My favorite book store would be WHSSmiths. They have stores all across England and are a popular retail chain.

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    1. That’s why I like using Books-a-million. They have stores all over the place here. So, I can go to a lot of different places and use my discount. If there was an indie store here in my town, I would visit them as much as possible because I would enjoy helping out a small business.


  2. Finding books in a book store, no matter what the size of the shop is, it is difficult! It is good therefore that you can search this online as a way of seeing if they have your book, and that they can find it for you. That would also be one of the key qualities of a bookstore that I look for.

    How much is the membership at this bookstore? The free postage sounds like a much better offer.

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    1. I want to say it’s either $20 or $25 for a full year. I can’t remember which since a friend purchases it for me for my birthday and I’ve never actually paid for it myself. There’s many benefits to it. I like the fact that I get free shipping if I order online.


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