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Benefits of Reading

What do you believe are the benefits of reading? Let’s go through these together and see if any of them apply to you or not……

  • Stress reliever: A lot of people finds reading to be a task that is relaxing and helps them to unwind at the end of the day, especially if you are just reading for fun.
  • Make friends: I have a few t-shirts that I wear…….some are based on the Harry Potter series, some have some of my favorite horror characters on them, etc. Sometimes these shirts have helped me to strike up a conversation with other people who happen to like those same things.
  • Sharper: Reading has been shown in some studies to help make you sharper or help keep you sharp mentally. There’s a chance that you can learn new vocabulary, even if you are just reading for fun.
  • Empathy: Reading has show that you can learn to empathize with others. You spend so much time reading about a certain character that you empathize with this person, which heightens your ability to empathize with people you meet.
  • Sleep: Reading before bed time can help you go sleep. Staring at screens, like your phones and computers, can actually help trick your brain into thinking it’s still day time. So, I think it’s preferable to read the actual books as opposed to reading on a tablet/e-reader though.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Reading

  1. Reading helps take you to places you only dream of. When they are intense, you actually FEEL like you are in that situation, even sometimes as certain characters. A good book will also have me thinking about it for a few days. It helps me relax & take my mind to someplace else. I’m the type who is fascinated with words. If I read something & I don’t know the definition, I’ll write it down with the context, to look it up for later. I’m already a bit of an empath. I think that’s why I can literally ‘feel’ the story & characters. I tend to take on their emotions.

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