What do you believe are the benefits of reading? Let’s go through these together and see if any of them apply to you or not……

  • Stress reliever: A lot of people finds reading to be a task that is relaxing and helps them to unwind at the end of the day, especially if you are just reading for fun.
  • Make friends: I have a few t-shirts that I wear…….some are based on the Harry Potter series, some have some of my favorite horror characters on them, etc. Sometimes these shirts have helped me to strike up a conversation with other people who happen to like those same things.
  • Sharper: Reading has been shown in some studies to help make you sharper or help keep you sharp mentally. There’s a chance that you can learn new vocabulary, even if you are just reading for fun.
  • Empathy: Reading has show that you can learn to empathize with others. You spend so much time reading about a certain character that you empathize with this person, which heightens your ability to empathize with people you meet.
  • Sleep: Reading before bed time can help you go sleep. Staring at screens, like your phones and computers, can actually help trick your brain into thinking it’s still day time. So, I think it’s preferable to read the actual books as opposed to reading on a tablet/e-reader though.