Have you ever had any teacher, regardless if it’s a current teacher or a past teacher, that has encouraged you to read? Were you happy or unhappy when a teacher encouraged you to read? Did the teacher ever force you to read certain things or were you allowed to choose your own reading material?

There was this one time in 4th grade, we got to have a party at school one day (it was something we had to really work for). We got to bring our sleeping bags to school and lay around on our sleeping bags while we read. At one point the teacher read to us while we were laying on our sleeping bags. It was a fun day.

There are other times throughout grade school (kindergarten through 4th grade for me) where the teacher would read to us or the teacher would allow us to read in class during certain times of the day. I remember later on, the teachers would be okay with you reading during class on test day. If you finished taking your test before the end of class and before your classmates were finished then the teacher would generally be okay with you reading quietly to yourself. Reading was a quiet task that didn’t disturb your classmates while they were finishing up their test (as long as you weren’t reading the book out loud). The teachers I had didn’t seem to mind anyway.