{Note: Please be warned that this article may contain spoilers if you’ve not read this book yet.}

I finished reading this today. Grace is just trying to take it one day at a time but the hits keep coming. There is a lot going on in this novel but I’m not going to reveal everything because I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone reading it (or anyone who wants to read it). Grace is having mixed feelings dealing with the whole Jaxon and Hudson thing. She’s trying to hang on to Jaxon but there’s a part of her that’s pulling her towards Hudson. You’ll just have to read this to get the answers.

I just need to get the final book in this series in order to see how all the loose ends tie up (the final book will come out on September 28th of this year, I believe).

Synopsis: I may have reached my breaking point. As if trying to graduate from a school for supernaturals isn’t stressful enough, my relationship status has gone from complicated to a straight-up dumpster fire.

Oh, and the Bloodletter has decided to drop a bomb of epic proportions on us all…

Then again, when has anything at Katmere Academy not been intense?

And the hits just keep coming. Jaxon’s turned colder than an Alaskan winter. The Circle is splintered over my upcoming coronation. As if things couldn’t get worse, now there’s an arrest warrant for Hudson’s and my supposed crimes—which apparently means a lifetime prison sentence with a deadly unbreakable curse.

Choices will have to be made…and I fear not everyone will survive.