What are some crazy moments in reading that made you stop and go “What the heck!” or left you scratching your head?

{Note: Please be aware that there may be spoilers in this article if you’ve not read any of the literature mentioned below.}

  • Harry Potter = That moment towards the end of the series when you find out which side Snape is really fighting on. The whole series, you are left wondering if he’s on Dumbledore’s side or Voldemort’s side. For nearly 7 novels, you don’t know until we get to almost the end of book 7.
  • The Hunger Games = I knew there were going to be some casualties during this particular trilogy. But I was still a little shocked when they killed Kat’s sister Prim. It was especially shocking, to me, the way that Prim died and the fact that Kat saw it.
  • Where the Red Fern Grows = It was shocking the way the dogs died at the end. I know all dogs are going to pass away at some point. I just figured the boy would have had more time with the dogs than he did or maybe it just seemed like it wasn’t that long during the book.