What are some books you think don’t get enough love from fellow readers?

Stoneheart, is the first book in a trilogy written by Charlie Fletcher. The second book is Ironhand and the third book is Silvertongue. I picked this because it’s one of my favorites and I think it deserves a lot more love. When I looked, it was getting good reviews from people who’ve read it. If you like fantasy or books with alternate realities, then you’ll probably like this trilogy (would be good to read with your kids also).

This is the first book in a series (book 2 is Crush, book 3 is Covet and book 4 is Court). Universal has already bought the movie rights to this so they’ll be making this into a movie at some point. I’ll be watching the movie when it comes out. There are some people that have been bashing this series but I don’t see why.

This trilogy begins with “The Looking Glass Wars”, followed by “Seeing Redd” and ends with “ArchEnemy”. It’s an amazing spin on the Alice and Wonderland book. If you like fantasy/science fiction, you’ll probably like this trilogy.