The 5th book in the Harry Potter series, the illustrated edition, will be released on October 11th of this year (according to Amazon). They don’t show a book cover just yet. I hope to see at least a book cover for this sometime soon (I was hoping to see one when I saw it on Amazon if I’m being honest).

Court by Tracy Wolff will be released on February 1st, which is only in a couple of weeks. It was originally set to be release late last year but got pushed back. Also, I originally thought that this was suppose to be the final book in the series but I just looked at it on Amazon and it said this was book four of six. So, the good news is we get 2 more books after this. Charm (book #5) is set to come out July 26th and Cherish is set to come out November 8th. These books need to hurry up and get here so that I can read them!

Also, the books by Tracy Wolff are set to be turned into movies at some point. Universal Studios has already purchased the film rights to these from what I understand. I hope we do get movie versions of these.