Kindle? Paperback? Hardcover? Audiobook?

I normally like paperback because I can get them cheaper than hardcovers and that allows me to be able to add more books to my collection. You know what they say…..the more the merrier. But I’ve liked paperbacks more than hardcovers for some reason….especially when I was younger.

The up-side to having a hardcover is they sit in my lap a little easier than a paperback. I don’t have to continually hold my place like I do with a paperback. I can sit it in my lap and I don’t have to deal with cramping in my hands from holding the book open all the time. Plus, hardcovers are a little more durable than the paperbacks.

I do have a Kindle Fire with plenty of e-books on it. The up-side is I can take a bunch of books with me when I travel without taking up a bunch of space in my luggage. The only downside is I have to remember to bring the charging cable with me or I’ll end up with a dead battery after a while.

The only thing I haven’t tried is audiobooks. My commute to work is extremely short so I don’t have enough time to really listen to an audiobook. I really think it would take me months to get through a single book if I just listened it to and from work.