What are some books you think are good for people who don’t like to read?

My hubby doesn’t like to read. Now, if they make a movie based on a book then there is a chance that I can get him to watch it (maybe). It kind of depends on what the book is about. He’s seen all the Harry Potter movies so I’ve been wondering…..maybe I can get him to read the illustrated copies that they are making of each of the Harry Potter books. I’ve been collecting all of the illustrated Harry Potter books and I’ve already got it planned that I’m going to re-read the series once I get the whole series. I hope he’ll at least let me read it out loud to him when I do re-read the series with the illustrated copies. I hope that he’ll like the books better than he did the movies (he liked the movies well enough).

My hubby has a couple of books that he has read but they are about certain sports figures and I bought them for him a few years ago. That’s the only thing I know my hubby has read. He’s read some autobiographies and such about certain individuals……mostly sports figures. I don’t really know of anything else that my husband will read. I’m willing to take any suggestions.