I prefer reading somewhere quiet because it allows me to not be distracted when I’m reading and I don’t have to worry about someone interrupting me while I’m trying to read. I don’t like someone blasting their music or trying to carry on a conversation when I’m trying to read……especially if I’ve gotten to the good part. Does it bother you when someone tries to talk to you while you’re reading?

I do not like it when someone reveals spoilers of a book I’m currently reading. I know someone who had the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows reveled to them before they could finish reading the book. Ugh! I didn’t have anyone ruin any of the Harry Potter books for me (luckily) before I could finish reading each book. Does that bother you?

I’m always purchasing more books to read, despite the fact I have a ton of books in my own personal library. I have plenty of of books to read but I’m always looking for more. I don’t have to worry about finding something to do if the power goes out or if I’m stuck in the house for a few days. Do you do the same thing? If so, why?