I’ve seen some people arrange their books where they keep similar book covers together. They’ll have red covers with red covers, orange covers with orange cover, yellow with yellow, green with green, blue with blue, purple with purple, and so on. While this may look cool, I’m not sure my OCD will let me do this. All my books that are part of a series or trilogy or whatever, I prefer to keep them together. I’ve also seen some pretty interesting bookshelves that have the books arranged in some pretty neat patterns but I’m afraid I’d have similar issues. If I can’t keep my books together, especially my series and trilogies then I’d fear that it would bother me.

I have my books alphabetized by author. As long as you know the author of the book you’re looking for (and you know your ABC’s), you’ll easily find what book you’re looking for. I’ve thought about arranging them by genres also since I have several different genres to choose from. The only thing stopping me from doing this is I’m a little cramped on space as it is and I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have enough room to do this properly. If I had another couple of bookcases in the spare bedroom where I keep my own little personal library, I might be able to do this. Until then, I just have the books arranged by author and that’s it.

How do you have the books arranged? Are they in any particular order?