Some people may think it’s weird for older people to be reading children’s literature. It doesn’t bother me what I read as long as the story can hold my attention.

Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling = Ever since this series hit the shelves, I feel like it changed things. I feel like it suddenly became okay to read children’s literature when this series came out. I originally didn’t think I’d like this series initially but I found several other adults reading this series so I decided to give it a try, especially after a friend of mine recommended it. Ever since the first book, I’ve been in love with this series.

The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle by Janet Fox = The story in this standalone might remind you just a little bit of the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) during their younger days. The story isn’t exactly the same….it’s just there may be certain parts that remind you of the trio.

The Stoneheart trilogy by Charlie Fletcher = This is a coming of age story that I’ve always loved. George, the main character of the story, finds himself in an alternate reality within modern day London. (Includes “Stoneheart”, “Ironhand” and “Silvertongue”)