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When has a book made you cry?

Has there ever been a book out there that has made you cry? Which book was it? What was it about that book specifically that brought on the tears?

The only thing that I remember crying over was during the Harry Potter series, most notably the latter part of the series when things started getting darker. There were certain deaths that really hit you hard during that series. I understand that there was a “war” going on from about the end of the 4th book till the end of the series and that death is an unfortunate part of that. There were just some deaths that were so unexpected or sudden that you really felt it. I think that is one thing that can make an author a really good one…..when they’ve gotten you so attached to a character that you feel that loss when that particular characters passes away.

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Well written characters

Which characters come to mind when someone asks you who is a well written character?

One character that stands out in my mind is Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. Throughout the entire series, you constantly question yourself about whose side he’s on and that it isn’t revealed until the very end of the final book. While you can clearly see the motives of the other characters in that series, you don’t see his until the very end when all is revealed. I couldn’t even begin to guess until I finished the final book.

Mordecai Tremaine is another well written character. He is a retired tobacconist and an amateur sleuth that helps find out who the murderer is in each book written by Francis Duncan. Each book is a classic “who done it” mystery. If you are a fan of Agatha Christie, these books may be of interest you.