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Beverly Cleary passes away!

Beverly Cleary, author of the Romona Quimby books, passed away this past Thursday at the age of 104.

I was not aware that the author made it to 104. I remember reading some of the Romona Quimby books during my childhood. I also found out the author was a trained librarian. I did not know that either (or if I did, I completely forgot it). It’s such a shame the lose such a great author but sending positive thoughts to the family during their loss.

5 thoughts on “Beverly Cleary passes away!

  1. Her books left a precious mark on everyone’s souls! I still remember learning how to tell time because Ramona messed up in one of the books and I didn’t want to be embarrassed like she was. The author was brilliant and so creative making us think her characters were actually alive.

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  2. She lived a long life! I read her books when I was a kid. They were very well written for children. We could relate to them on so many levels especially on the troublemaker & humorous aspects. Definitely a timeless classic. Unfortunately, it seems, kids nowadays wouldn’t appreciate the innocence of books like these.

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