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Favorite Halloween songs….

First of all, let me wish everyone a Happy Halloween. I hope you are staying safe out there regardless of what your Halloween plans are. Anyway, I thought I’d do something fun this year and share some Halloween type music to listen to. Here are my top 3 favorite songs to listen to for Halloween….

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The end….

I just found out today that the final book in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series will be coming out in February of 2021. I have all the other books in the series so far, however, I’ve only read the first two books so far. It’s a really good series….there’s just so much to read and I don’t have enough time to read it all.

Will you be happy to get your hands on the next book? Will you be sad that this is the end of that series? What are your feelings towards finding out that this will be the end?

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Reading young have an effect on you?

Do you think you are more likely to become a reader if you are encouraged to read when you are young?

Like a lot of people, I had to read for school. Luckily, the teachers I had let us pick what books we got to do our book reports on. Other than that, reading was encouraged and never forced. I have some fond memories of going to the library as a youngster and checking out books to read. I had a few books that I owned but I usually had to borrow books from the library if I wanted to read it.

Below is an article I found a couple of days ago that explains that growing up surrounded by books could have a powerful, lasting effect on the mind. Do you agree or disagree?

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Following another list…

Is there any reading lists that you follow, regardless if it’s a famous person or a friend/family member? If so, how many lists do you follow? Do you actually read anything off those lists or do you just follow the list out of curiosity?

I don’t follow anyone’s reading list. I have taken suggestions from others but it’s usually verbal suggestions. If I happen to strike up a conversation with someone about something they’re reading or something that they’ve read, we’ll find out sometimes that we have the same likes and I’ve gotten some suggestions that way.

You can see what I’m reading or have read by looking around here on my blog. As you entered the main page, you’ll see on the navigation bar a list of physical books that I have on my shelves and then you’ll see a list of e-books that I currently have on my Kindle Fire.

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“The Ghost of Old Coal House” by Amy Cross

I finished reading this on my Kindle and wanted to share. It’s kind of a quick read but also a little spooky (perfect for this time of year, if you know what I mean). The book does have some flash backs but it doesn’t make the book hard to follow or keep up with. I had a hard time wanting to put this book down while I was reading it. Just wait till you get to the end. {Note: I do not believe this book would be suitable for children.}

The year is 1843, and Arthur Foreman is on his way to visit his sister and her family for Christmas. Tucked under his arm, he carries the manuscript of a strange ghost story, written by the mysterious Walter Ward of Old Coal House.

Arriving at his sister’s home, Arthur immediately realizes that something is wrong. Elizabeth seems distant and distracted, and she finally erupts in a fit of fury. After being thrown out of the house, Arthur searches through the snowy night for refuge. All the usual boarding houses are closed for the holiday. His only choice is to make his way up the hill and knock on the of Old Coal House, and to ask for a room.

Soon, Arthur discovers that Walter Ward’s tales are not necessarily works of fiction after all. A strange figures stalks the halls and corridors of Old Coal House, tormenting Mr. Ward and driving him to drink. When he sets foot in the house for the first time, Arthur does not believe in ghosts at all. By the time he leaves the following morning, he has discovered the truth not only about Old Coal House itself, but also about a terrible tragedy that once struck his own family.

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“Dead Lake” by Darcy Coates

I’ve recently finished reading another one. Reading the synopsis, this book sounded a little spooky so I dived right in. The main story was pretty suspenseful through out, even from the very beginning, and it kept me turning the pages. This book would be perfect for someone looking for a good read for Halloween.

This novel also include 4 bonus stories (1)Whose woods these are, (2) Mannequin, (3) Hitchhiker and (4) Bellamy. I think “Whose woods these are” was my favorite out of all of them but “Bellamy” was a pretty close second.

Synopsis: A week’s visit to the remote Harob Lake cabin couldn’t have come at a better time for Sam.

She’s battling artist’s block ahead of a major gallery exhibition. Staying at Harob Lake is her final, desperate attempt to paint the collection that could save her floundering career. It seems perfect: no neighbors, no phone, no distractions.

But the dream retreat disintegrates into a nightmare when Sam discovers she’s being stalked.

A tall, strange man stands on the edge of her dock, staring intently into the swirling waters below. He starts to follow her. He disables her car. He destroys her only way to communicate with the outside world.

And Sam is beginning to suspect he’s responsible for the series of disappearances from a nearby hiking trail.

Stranded at Harob Lake, Sam realizes she’s become the prey in the hunter’s deadliest game…

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Audio books

Should audio books count towards your reading list? Why or why not? How often do you listen to an audio book? Do you prefer audio books as opposed to reading an actual hard copy or an e-book? If so, why?

I don’t really listen to any audio books. My commute to work is really short……so it would take me forever to get through a book if I listened to it. I might get through 1 or 2 books a year at that rate. Now, if I had a longer commute to get to my job then that would be different. I guess this is why I don’t really listen to audio books. I don’t have that much of a commute and I’m already reading an actual book when I get home from work.

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Have you ever snooped to see what books other people have on their shelves? Have you ever browsed through someone else’s tablet or e-reader to see what books someone else has? Why or why not? Do you think this is rude?

I don’t recall actually snooping though other people’s books (not that I can remember anyway). I’m normally at home browsing the books I currently have to see what I’m going to read next. I probably would browse if the owner gave me permission to do so. Otherwise I would feel like it would be rude some how. I don’t like other people to go through my stuff without my permission or without asking first so why would I do that to someone else?

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Similar interest….?

What do you do when you meet someone out in public who is reading a favorite book/series of yours? Do you strike up a conversation with them or do you leave them alone to read?

What if you meet someone out in public that you suspect is a fan of your favorite book/series (for example, they are wearing some clothes or they have a visible tattoo that advertises said book/series)? Do you strike up a conversation with them then?

If someone is in the middle of reading something, I would leave them be. Especially if I’ve already read that book/series then I don’t want to spoil it for them before they are finished reading it. I don’t like it when someone reveals a spoiler to me so I won’t do it to someone else unless they give me permission to do so.

If I see someone wearing a t-shirt showing off their favorite books (or if they have a visible tattoo), usually I’ll strike up a conversation with them or at least make a nice comment about it.

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Younger self….

If you could recommend a book to your younger self, which book would you recommend and why?

I would have started reading the Harry Potter series from the very beginning.. I didn’t get into the series until after the first five novels were already released because I originally thought they’d be too childish for me to read since they were geared towards children.

The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer already had the first 3 books out before I started reading them. I only remember ordering the last book in the series. The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini was already started and the first two books were already out. That series was originally suppose to be a trilogy but it ended up being 4 books instead which I’m glad we got that extra book. There would have been too much loose ends to tie up if there was only going to be a third book.