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How do you pick….?

When shopping for new stuff to read, how do you decide on what literature you take home with you?

I have few authors that I enjoy reading so part of it is just keeping up with my favorite authors. The other part of it is, while I’m browsing, I’ll see books that attract my attention or books that speak to me. Part of it is how the cover looks but the main part is when I pick it up to read the synopsis. If the synopsis makes it sound good, then it goes in my basket. If it doesn’t sound good to me then it goes back on the shelf.

If I’m shopping online, I’ll do the same thing. However, I can search more directly when I shop online. I can look for books in a specific genre or written by a certain author. I can narrow it down a little easier instead of just kind of wondering around the store. Don’t get me wrong, I like browsing the bookstore. It’s just a little easier to narrow down your search online.

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Tsundoku is a Japanese word that means you have a bunch of books piled up somewhere and then you don’t read them. Do you have a bunch of unread literature at your house? Do you plan on reading them at some point? Why or why not?

Apparently the term tsundoku also refers to books stacked on a bookshelf that you plan on reading later. So I guess it applies to me anyway because I have books on my bookshelves that I haven’t read yet but I do plan on reading at some point. I add books to my shelves before I’ve finished reading the ones I’ve already got. What can I saw…..I like to read. At least you’ll never hear my neighbors complain about my books being too loud.

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Have you ever…?

Being an avid reader, have you ever thought of writing and becoming an author yourself? Why or why not? Would you ever do it if you had the chance?

When I was going through school and a teacher would ask us to write a story in class, I was always happy to do so. I liked writing assignments in class because I was usually pretty good at it. One teacher even told me I had a really active imagination. This same teacher entered one of my stories in a local writing contest and I ended up doing pretty well in it. I didn’t really expect much going in but I remember being proud of myself. I think I got an honorable mention or something like that.

Anyway, I’ve never thought about making a living out of it and becoming an author. I think it would be nice to do if I had the talents to do it. But I think I’m happy with reading books written by others. I enjoy being immersed in other worlds, even if they aren’t worlds that I’ve created myself.

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Most in a year…?

What is the most books you’ve ever read in a year? Was that a goal you set for yourself or did you just reach that amount by accident? Do you think you’ll ever beat that number at any point in the future? Why or why not?

In 2018, I did not have a set amount of books I wanted to read. I just kept track of how many books I read that year (I read 22 by the way). Then, I set out to see if I could read more books in 2019 then what I read in 2018 and I did (I read 28 in 2019). Now, I’m trying to see if I can read more this year than I did last year. If I continue the way I’m reading now, then I should be able to beat what I read last year.

So, I’m not really setting out to read a certain amount. I’m just trying to see if I can read more than I did the year before. It’s kind of like I’m trying to see if I can increase my personal best with each passing year. There may come a year when I don’t beat what I read the year before and that’s okay. It’s still interesting to see what I read this year versus what I read last year. There can also be some other challenges I can add to make things even more interesting (like reading more on my Kindle than I normally do or reading some books outside my comfort zone). Feel free to let me know what reading goals you are doing, or have done in the past, in the comment section of this article. I’d love to hear from you.

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Reading books that are considered controversial….?

Do you read books that are considered controversial? If you do, what books have you read? What was controversial about that particular book? What made you read it?

I’ve read the Harry Potter series and there was some controversy surrounding those books. There were some parents that wanted those books pulled from the shelves because they believed it was teaching witchcraft to their children. I read the series because I had several friends and family members that were reading the series and I was mildly curious about what they were reading. Also, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I wanted to form my own opinions on the matter.

Now, I’m not trying to pick on the Harry Potter series and point fingers at one specific literary work. I don’t mean any offense. It’s the only literature that I can recall that has had any controversy surrounding it (out of all the stuff that I’ve read or can remember reading).

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Main stream versus not so main stream…

The type of literature you read, do you tend to read stuff that is popular with the crowd or with experts? Do you tend to read stuff that is a little less main stream? Why do you go with that over the other?

I’m a little of both. Some of the stuff I read can be considered main stream or well known (for example, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight series, the Chronicles of Narnia series, the Inheritance Cycle, etc.). However, I’ve also read some stuff that’s not as well known or as highly publicized. I also like to read books from local authors in my area because I believe in supporting local authors as much as I can.

I choose the books I read because they are books that seem interesting to me, not whether or not they’re popular. If the synopsis sounds interesting enough when I read it (does it capture my attention?) then it’ll come home with me….plain and simple. Yes, I do like to support local authors. But their works are something I’ve come to enjoy as well. I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading their books.

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Summer Reading

How many of you will be engaged in a bit of reading this summer? How much reading do you think you’ll get done over the summer? Will your children be reading over the summer as well? Do you and your child/children read together or do you each do you own reading separately?

My summer reading usually goes the same as it does the rest of the year. I don’t normally go by any list made by any of the “experts” (although some of the stuff I’ve read has ended up on some of these lists without my knowing until after I looked at them). I usually just pick my books at random based on what I am interested in and what I feel like reading at the moment (I tend to move around a few different genre’s, it keeps me from getting bored with the same thing over and over again).

Please, feel free to share any reading you’ll be doing this summer in the comments section. I do take suggestions from friends, even if I don’t necessarily follow what the experts say about a particular book.

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Book for a day!

If you could “slip” into a book for a day, which one would it be? Why?

I think I would want to slip into one of the Harry Potter books for a day. I am a big fan of the Harry Potter series and I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to spend a day at Hogwarts. The only problem is I would want to spend more than a day at Hogwarts. I think there’s too much to explore to only have one day and I would want to get the whole Hogwarts experience.

I also wouldn’t mind being a dragon rider in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. There’s a lot of stuff that they can do, magic wise, that we can’t do normally (or they can do it a lot easier or a lot faster). Plus, they are immortal and who wouldn’t want to be bonded with a dragon in the first place. You definitely wouldn’t have to worry about being bullied ever again.

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How much of your time is spent re-reading literature? How often do you re-read a book? What book have you re-read the most? Have you been forced to re-read anything while being cooped up at home due to the Coronavirus?

I don’t re-read that much. I will re-read a book once in a great while but it’s not something I do that often. There has to be a certain amount of time that has passed between reading it the first time and re-reading it again for me to consider reading it a second time. I will tell you that I’m planning on re-reading the Harry Potter series. I’ve been collecting the illustrated edition of each book in the series as they are being released and I plan on re-reading the series all the way through once I have all of the illustrated editions in my hands.

If there is one book out there in the world that you were forced to re-read again and again, which book would that be? Why? Please share in the comments below…

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Are you quarantined due to COVID-19?

I know there are some people that are probably stuck inside and can’t get out due to the Coronavirus going around. I haven’t gotten to that point yet where I live but I have a feeling that may come one day soon. Even though the Coronavirus was already in my state, they just announced over this past weekend that someone in my actual town tested positive for the Coronavirus. Yikes! Being that I work with the public, I wonder how long it’ll be now before everything gets shut down here? A lot of the restaurants were already “pick up only” or “curb side only”, at least for the ones that are still open. Plus, kids were already out of school for 2 weeks……and all this was before the confirmed case. I just have to see if the place where I work is considered essential or not (if it is considered essential, then we’ll have to stay open). We may just end up going “curb side only” like some of the restaurants.

Anyway, I have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied if I were to get quarantined. If anyone wants to, you can join me in reading. I’ll even take suggestions if anyone wants to throw some my way. I’ve also got some movies to watch (a lot of them are based on some of the literature I’ve read) so I can pull out some of them if I want to take a break from reading.

What do you have planned to do, if in the event you get quarantined? What are you doing to get by if you are already quarantined? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.