My husband and I have always been dog people. It’s nothing against cats or any other pets…..we’ve just always had a dog our whole lives.

Well, a week and a half ago this cat shows up underneath the shed out in the back. I don’t know where this cat came from or how it got there. But we started feeding the cat so it didn’t go anywhere. It continued to stay underneath the shed and would say ‘hello’ to us whenever we would come out to feed it. Last Thursday, I ended up putting the cat in our garage because a storm showed up in our area. Long story short, I thought it was better to have a live kitty in the garage than to have a dead kitty that drowned underneath the shed. The next day, we ended up bring the kitty all the way into the house and it’s been with us ever since.

This morning, I took the cat in for it’s first vet appointment. I don’t think the cat was a fan of going to the vet, however, I did get the good news that the cat has a clean bill of health from the vet. Woohoo! The vet did check to ensure that the cat was not chipped…..the hubby wanted to make sure the cat didn’t belong to someone and just wondered off from wherever it was at.

There is a reason that I’m posting about this on my literature blog. This cat is very friendly and likes to sit in our lap. It’s kind of comforting……having a cat sitting in your lap and listening to it purr while you’re reading. I’ve always like having the dog laying in my lap and now I have a cat that lays in my lap. It just feels so comforting, it’s hard to explain. Maybe it’s just the joy that these animals bring to our lives…

Do any of you like having your animals around you while you read? Do you find yourself reading out loud to your animals while you read?