I’m sure we’ve all experienced reading something for school. Do you think that being forced to read for school ruins the book? I don’t think that was always the case with me. I was one of the people that was happy to read. Normally the teachers would let us choose what we read in school most of the time. There were some cases where the teachers would pick but I ended up liking the books we read. For example, there was one year we read “The House of Dies Drear” by Virginia Hamilton, which I ended up liking. The following year, I found out that there was a sequel called “The Mystery of Drear House” and I ended up reading that book as well. Well, last year I ended up getting I got the e-book version of both books put on my Kindle Fire and read them. They were still good books the second time around. One year, I remember doing a book report on the book we were reading and the teacher offered us bonus points if we dressed up as one of the characters from the book. Well, I was reading “Charlotte’s Web” by E. B. White and I dressed up as Fern. I even brought a stuffed pig with me to serve as Wilbur. My favorite part is one year in grade school the teacher let us bring out sleeping bags and out favorite book to school. This was on the last day of school (or very near the end of of the school year). The teacher was rewarding us for being good and I remember getting to have fun on that day. I also remember a teacher letting us trade books with our friends and we’d read get to read what everyone else brought.