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Book storage….?

How do you store the physical books that you have?

I have 3 bookcases in the spare bedroom. My hubby now refers to that room as the library. I have my books arranged by author to make it easier to find books that I’m looking for. It makes sense to me because that’s the way the books are arranged at my local bookstore. Since that’s the way I am use to finding them at the bookstore, then I figured that would be a good way to arrange them at home.

I do have a Kindle Fire (as of last year) so that has helped me keep the bookcases from getting overwhelmed with books. There are some books that I can live with having on my Kindle and then there are some books that I have to have the physical copy of.

4 thoughts on “Book storage….?

  1. I understand completely. I love my Kindle Fire as well and take it with me when traveling. But, I also have a deep walk-in closet in the office that we refer to as our “library closet.” It’s entirely shelved and stacked with books floor-to-ceiling.


  2. We have a variety of books right now but we are limited on space but that will be changing soon. We store them between two different bookshelves but one of the bookshelves is multi-purposed for our child at the moment 😛

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    1. I completely understand on the limited space. That’s the whole reason my hubby got me the Kindle Fire because I was quickly running out of room. Plus, the Kindle is easier to take with me any time I’m traveling. I’d like to be able to add some more book cases to my little “library” but there isn’t any more room in that spare bedroom.


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