{Note: May contain spoilers if you’ve not read the series yet.}

Originally, I thought that the Crave series by Tracy Wolff was just going to be a 4 book series. Well, I just found out today that this is not the case. There is going to be a 5th book that comes out in January of 2022. This is suppose to show what happened to Grace and Hudson during that 4 months that Grace was trapped in stone. I’ve always wondered what happened during those 4 months because it’s not talked about during the actual series (during the series they play it off as Grace doesn’t remember any of it). I’ll probably get this after I’ve finished reading the 4th book just so I can figure out what happened during that period. What about you?

Synopsis: Unravel the mystery of the missing four months between Grace and Hudson—when she finds herself trapped with the last boy she ever expected, and certainly the most obnoxious one she’s ever met. If he doesn’t shut up, she just might kill him…if she doesn’t kiss him first.