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Is it rude…?

First off, I want to wish a happy Halloween. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday, especially for those going trick or treating at some point today.

Now, to the topic at hand. Do you consider reading to be rude rather than interacting with other people around you? Why or why not?

In this day in age, I see people buried in their cell phone all day. So, my question is how can someone accuse a person of being rude to read a book instead of interacting with the people around them when other people bury themselves in their phones? I’ve always been kind of on the shy side so it was always hard for me to interact with others. That may have been something that helped draw me to reading. So, I don’t consider it rude when someone reads instead of interacting with other people….some people are just introverts.

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Midnight release party?

Have you ever attended one of those midnight release parties? I know they did it for the Harry Potter series when they were being released. Did you ever try to go to one? Which book was it for?

I’ve never attended one myself. Whenever I’ve gotten a book that I’m anxiously waiting for, I tend to sort of shy away from people to avoid having someone spoil the ending for me before I can finish it. I’m not normally an anti-social person, I just don’t like someone revealing the ending before I get to that point. I think it’s rather rude to do that to someone unless the person you are talking to give you permission to do so.