When shopping for new stuff to read, how do you decide on what literature you take home with you?

I have few authors that I enjoy reading so part of it is just keeping up with my favorite authors. The other part of it is, while I’m browsing, I’ll see books that attract my attention or books that speak to me. Part of it is how the cover looks but the main part is when I pick it up to read the synopsis. If the synopsis makes it sound good, then it goes in my basket. If it doesn’t sound good to me then it goes back on the shelf.

If I’m shopping online, I’ll do the same thing. However, I can search more directly when I shop online. I can look for books in a specific genre or written by a certain author. I can narrow it down a little easier instead of just kind of wondering around the store. Don’t get me wrong, I like browsing the bookstore. It’s just a little easier to narrow down your search online.