What do you do to reduce distractions so you can read?

I’ll read at home where I can control my surroundings a lot more than somewhere out in public. I can turn the tv off (or anything else that is making noise). If I can’t turn the noise off, I can at least move to another room and even shut the door if I have to. Plus, I normally feel a lot more comfortable at home than I do out in public.

You’re probably wondering what to do if you’re out in public somewhere? First, I’ll sit somewhere away from others. Second, you can put some noise canceling headphones on. Some people might consider this rude but other people might think it’s rude to interrupt while they’re in the middle of a good book (especially if they’ve come to a really interesting part). It all depends on your perspective. If you can handle the noise, you can also listen to some music through some headphones or earbuds (from your phone or from a MP3 player). Some people can have classical music playing in the background because there’s no words to it so it’s not much of a distraction to them.