I love going to my local book shop.

First, I have a job so I have my own money. Which means I can go buy what I like from the book store. The only thing I have to watch out for is I have to make sure that my bills get paid first before I can go shopping. However, there is usually a week at the end of the month where I have no bills so that’s usually the best time for me to go to shopping. If there is a 5th week at the end of the month…..even better.

Second, I can normally find what I want there. Even if I can’t, I can normally order what I want from their website and just have it shipped to my house. In the process of looking for the stuff that I want, I can normally find other interesting stuff while I’m browsing. I love those happy accidents where I find other books to read or discover a new author.

Third, I like visiting the little cafe` located within my local bookstore now that I know they have something I like. I’m a chocolate person so it’s the frozen hot chocolate obviously. I can drink one while I’m browsing the store.

What are your favorite things about going to book shops?