Today, I watched the first 3 movies in the Paranormal Activity series. My husband got me this series on blu-ray for Christmas one year. I’ve seen some of the movies before but not all of them. The first movie was one that I watched when it came out in theaters. The second and third movies were ones that I watched at home after they had been out for a little bit. My husband saw the first movie but I don’t know if he’s watched the other ones. I know I haven’t seen all of the movies but I wanted to start from the very beginning to refresh my brain before seeing the ones that I haven’t seen.

This one came out in 2007. It features Katie and Micah as they document strange goings on in their home and try to seek help.

This came out in 2010. This movie follows Kristi and her family (Kristi and Katie are sisters). It also takes place a couple of months prior and immediately follows up the events of the first movie.

This movie came out 2011. It’s a found footage movie showing what happened to Katie and Kristi when they were kids still living at home with their parents.