Like the title says……which pet would you take with you if you went to Hogwarts? If I’m not mistaken, I want to say your options were an owl OR a cat OR a toad.


Cats have been closely associated with witches and have been seen as a familiar for the witch over the course of history. Hermione had a cat…..well, she had a Kneazle hybrid. Her cat/Kneazle hybrid was named Crookshanks and we first get a glimpse during the Prisoner of Azkaban (the 3rd book/movie). There may have been other people that have had a cat during the series, however, it’s not really mentioned outside of the one that Hermione had.


Owls were used a lot during the Harry Potter series due to the fact that they were used to deliver mail and packages and such. Harry Potter had a snowy owl he named Hedwig. Other characters were shown to have had an owl at some point over the course of the series because of their usefulness at delivering mail/packages. Hedwig was the most popular one because she belonged to Harry, the main character of the series.


Toads were not used as much. Neville Longbottom was the only person, that we know of, that had a toad as a pet during their time at Hogwarts. There could have been other people that may have had a toad but we don’t know because it’s not mentioned over the course of the series so we can’t really be sure. However, when Hagrid gets a pet for Harry as a birthday present, Hagrid did mention that toads went out of fashion years ago and that’s why Hagrid didn’t get Harry a toad (mentioned in Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone).


There was the rare example of some of the students had something different. For example, Ron had a rat as a pet named Scabbers which use to belong to Percy at one time, however, this turned out to be Peter Pettigrew in his animagus form.

If I was given the chance to go to Hogwarts, I think I would take a cat. I have a cat now that my hubby and I have rescued over this past summer. He has been a good companion to us both we’ve had him (no offense to our previous pets). It’s fun to watch him sometimes and he’s good at keeping you company when he sits in your lap. I love having him in my lap while I’m curled up on the couch with a good book, especially when he started purring. I think I would love to a cat like him with me if I ever went to Hogwarts. If I didn’t have a cat, I think I would probably pick an owl as pet just for their usefulness.