Do you support local authors? Why or why not? Do you support all local authors or just certain ones? If so, why do you support that particular author?

I like to support local authors. Anytime I find literature from an author that is in my area (or anywhere near me), I make sure to get it and read. I know it’s hard for people to get published and even harder to get their literature out there for others to read.

Wayne Hancock = I started reading his literature a couple of years ago. A couple of the books were already autographed when I purchased them. You’d like reading his stuff if you like crime fiction and/or mystery.

David Banks = I purchased his first book (Fort Whiskey) last year and read it as soon as I got my hands on it. I even got it autographed by David when I finished reading it. I really enjoyed it. You need to read it if you enjoy stories about crime, vengeance and love.

Curt Caufield = My hubby has been friends with him for quite a while. When my hubby told me he wrote a book, I immediately purchased it online. I just have to read it when I finish reading what I’m currently working on (the book is classified as science fiction).