First, here is what you do if you like a certain genre. Most book stores will have different sections of the store for different genres……like horror, mystery, fiction, classics, poetry, etc. There’s even a section for young adults and another for children. Just browse the sections you think you’ll like most.

Second, here is what you do if you like a certain author. Most likely, your favorite author or authors will normally stick to a certain genre. For example, if you are a Stephen King fan then you’ll know he can be found in the section where they keep all the horror books. The book store that I frequent will have each section alphabetized by author. So, once you find the horror section, just look for the “K” section to find Stephen King.

Third, if all else fails, ask an associate that works at that store. It’s likely that they are readers as well if they work in a bookstore so you can ask them for recommendations. However, you may have to be prepared to answer some questions like “Which authors do you like?”, “Which genres do you like?”, “Do you like a series or standalone novels?” and so on. You can do the same thing with someone you know that is an avid reader. But you may have to be prepared to be asked the same questions though.